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High Resolution Scanning

American Art Editions provides scanning services to artists and organizations throughout our local region. We prefer that you make an appointment to bring your originals to the studio, or to have us pick them up at a mutually agreed upon location. We do accept shipments of original artwork on a case by case basis. We are sensitive to the fact that your original works are irreplaceable, and request that you consider the risks of loss and transit damage before shipping them. Please call us to discuss shipment of your original artwork to our studio.

As giclee reproductions continue to gain in popularity with the public, the marketplace is becoming crowded with offerings that do not have the polished and professional look that high resolution scanning can provide. Taking a digital photo of original artwork out in the driveway is an expedient way to produce a digital file, but makes your product less desirable in the marketplace. Our state of the art equipment is the finest available, and renders a digital file with astonishing clarity and fidelity that will set your prints apart from the crowd. To command premium pricing in the marketplace, you must have not only a high impact subject, but also a presentation that is worthy of the image. When you see the difference that professional scanners can make, you will wish that you started having it done sooner. Our first-time scanning clients are usually at a loss for words when seeing our reproduction side by side with their original. The results speak for themselves; these clients always come back.

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We are currently limited to a Short Dimension of 42". If you require a larger size, please contact us to discuss your project.

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