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Stretched Canvas - 3/4" Edges

Cropping when ordering canvas:

Cropping Information for canvas orders:
Why we may have to crop your image when you order a canvas print:
When part of your image is cut off and does not appear in the print, this is called cropping.
Cropping is necessary when you order a canvas print with different proportions than your file image.

Canvas Prints ARE cropped if needed.
Try to order your canvas prints in the same proportions as your file to limit cropping. If your file requires cropping, we will use our best judgment as to what to crop out and are not responsible for overly cropped images. We generally crop evenly from all sides. Cropping is done automatically by our software to get your selected size, so if your file proportions are different then the size your order, cropping will occur. If cropping is a concern, you should crop your file yourself.

Here are examples:
If you order a 8" x 9" print but you send us an 8" x 10" image, we would have to crop/cut 1" off your image to make it fit the 8" x 9" inch print you ordered.
So say you order an 20" x 30" canvas print using that same 8" x 10" digital file, then your image would be cropped about 2" on both sides because an 8 x 10 enlarged to your ordered size would be 24" x 30", not 20" x 30".
To stop cropping from occurring please send sized print ready files or select "YES" under the cropping option and we will make changes to your ordered size to reduce the need for cropping. If this is greater than 2" +/- we will contact you regarding the new size.

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All the canvas products are stocked in 60" rolls. Therefore, the Short Dimension must be 56" or less, and the Long Dimension on UNSTRETCHED canvas may be as long as 144" and 108" on the STRETCHED products. We strongly recommend using a 1 ½" stretch if you have a dimension greater than 40" even if you plan to frame it.

Edge Treatment

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Would you like for us to adjust the size of your print if needed to limit cropping? Canvas prints only, we don't crop paper.


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Canvas Type

Fine Art Canvases

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Stretch Type

Shipping expenses rise sharply for "oversize" packages (generally over 40"). Please consult the UPS website for current rules with regard to "oversize" packages. Consider buying un-stretched canvases and have a local framer stretch your canvas
We strongly recommend using a 1 ½" stretch if you have a dimension greater than 40", even if you plan to frame it.
If your chosen canvas requires a coating, the unstretched, printed canvas will be shipped to you coated unless you specify otherwise. Not mounted or stretched. Approx. 2" border. Ships to you in a tube.

* We also mount on foam core and other rigid products. Contact us to discuss your needs.

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